E-diary - A diary kept in electronic format

You may already have tried to keep your own handwritten journal, but have you ever used an internet or online journal before? If not, you might would like to try as e-diaries have many benefits over regular paper diaries.

An e-diary will never be full. Unlike paper diaries, they have not a limited number of pages or words your can put in them, and no inc will fade over time. E-diaries have become popular the last few years, and comes in many format and platforms. Desktop applications are available for MS-Windows or OS X (Mac), but over the last few years, Smartphones has revolutionized the concept. More than 1000 unique journaling apps have been released on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and other Smartphone plattforms since 2008. There is a huge variety of apps to choose from. Many of them are good, but there is also a lot of low quality apps out there. Our own e-diary products (WriteDiary.com and Diary with Lock), are only a small piece of the big e-journal picture.

What are your e-diary requirements?

Security: Not everybody, but most people like to have an option to secure their notes with a lock of some kind. This lock can be a password, numeric pincode, or pattern. More modern solutions - like fingerprint, iris scan or voice recognition are commonly available on Android, iPhone and other devices with camera and fingerprint scanning support.

Platform: Do you need an e-diary for a specific platform, like Android or iPhone, or maybe Windows or iMac? As your plattform may change over time, we recommend you to start using a electronic diary which can synchronize your notes between multiple platforms. This will give you more security and boost the availability of written texts.

Synchronization: To be able to synchronize your notes between multiple devices is a *must have* in our opinion. Make sure that synchronization between devices is an available feature before you settle with a e-diary solution. Using a website solution is always safe, as all newer smartphones, tablets and personal computers can access the notes via a internet browser using regular HTML protocol.

Offline support: You are not always connected to internet. An electronic journal that does not require and force you to always have wifi or internet access is preferred. You should be able to write and save a note even without internet access.

Online support: On the other side, It is very neat to have an option to upload and share notes via internet. Storing your notes on a distributed system, is safer and can work as a very good security and backup feature. After all, you never know when an electronic device stop function, due to water-damage, lost or software bugs. Its always a good idea to keep an extra copy of your e-journal notes on a second device or server.

You are welcome to try WriteDiary's e-diary software - its free!

There are many providers of both diary websites and mobile apps. But, if you are ready to start writing you are welcome to get started on our solution. If you don't like it, or find a better one later, you are of course not bound to using our service. Our service is free, and there is no startup costs.

If you have an Android device, we recommend Diary with lock, its the most popular and most downloaded e-diary on the Android plattform. Its free, and can be downloaded and installed via Google Play. It's strength and weakness is that it is very basic, focused on the writing part. More than 15 million people have tried it, and more than 300.000 people have already rated it with the highest possible rating (5 stars) on Google Play!

Diary App   Diary with Lock <== Download from Google Play!

Or, if you don't have an Android device, try our website instead Create e-diary.