The Benefits of Using A Diary App

For ages, kids and adults alike have been using paper diaries to track their feelings, moods, thoughts, and more. Now is the age of the phone and technology and as such the traditional diary has evolved. Now a diary is available at your fingertips in the form of an app. Why would you want to ditch a traditional diary for one that is an app? Let’s take a look at some of the best features and reasons behind the use of a diary app.

Ever Expanding

When you use a traditional diary you have a limited number of pages before you have to buy another diary. Every paper diary works this way because there is simply no way to make an unlimited diary. The more that you want your diary to store, the bigger it has to be. That means that you are left keeping a large book on you whenever you might want to work on your diary. With an app, you have a massive amount of storage space. Most diary apps have so much storage that you wouldn’t be able to use it in a lifetime of writing.

Your Diary Is More Secure

A paper diary can be picked up by anyone and you will have no way to control what they do with it. They can read it and share it all they want. When you use a diary app, you have more security. Your app is located on your phone, which should be passcode protected for your own privacy by itself. In addition to the security your phone carries with it, you can passcode protect your diary app by itself with a separate passcode. That means even if you share your phone's passcode with a friend, they won't have one for your diary.

Your Diary Is With You Wherever You Go

With a traditional diary, you have to carry an extra item with you, a book or journal. This extra weight means that you can only bring your diary with you when you have a bag or want to carry it in your hands. A diary app is simple, it's part of your phone or tablet and it adds no weight. Simple, yet complex, and you can use it anywhere you are. You can write whenever you have something to add to your diary.

Use the Big Screen At Home

When you are at home you can use your diary from your desktop or laptop. Simply log in to the app’s website and you will be able to read or write. Your diary, in the way you want to view it. Editing your diary on your desktop also allows you to write longer entries easier because you have the use of a full keyboard.

Pictures In Your Diary App

A traditional diary requires you to print out pictures and paste them into the pages. This can get expensive as printer ink and photo paper is not cheap. When you use a diary app you have the ability to take pictures with your phone and add them into the diary. You can even put multiple pictures in one diary entry if you want. It is also simple to take any picture off the internet and attach it to a diary entry.

Emojis in Your Diary

Emojis are used when you are texting and expressing yourself with other people, why shouldn't you be able to use them when expressing yourself in your diary? When you use a diary app, you have the ability to use a wide variety of emojis. At release, the emoji database will contain all of the standard emojis that you enjoy but as the app grows, so will the emoji library.

Having a diary app will change your life. It comes down to one simple fact, a diary app is much more flexible in its uses. You have nearly complete control over what you want in the diary and it is all in the lightweight version of your phone. This is not to mention the fact that creating a diary entry is extremely simple when you carry it around everywhere with you. Get a diary app and change your journaling forever!

So, are you ready to get your own diary app?

We recommend you to try "Diary with lock" for Android. Its very basic, but does the job!

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